As young boy's growing up in a small town their was not always a lot of things to do.  One of the coolest places though to hang out at was The Bike Shop.  The Bike Shop owner, Robert Clammer, was always so kind to my brother and I, always willing to lend a helping hand.  Now as I look back though we must have drove him absolutely crazy becuase we were always stopping by to see if he could fix one of our bikes or to check out the latest shipment of bikes.  As the years went by my brother and I would still drop by to say hi and to see how Bob was doing.  Bob would typically either be behind the counter wrenching on bikes or you might find him in his office taking care of some paperwork.  Regardless of where or when you saw Bob, one thing was certain, he would always have a smile on his face.  Gosh, how those years went by so fast I will never know.  My brother and I had always dreamed about purchasing The Bike Shop and had even mentioned it to Mom &  Dad on occasion.  Then came October 2001.  My parents and brother said they were thinking about purchasing The Bike Shop, I couldn't have been happier.  We pulled all of our resources together, (well mostly Dad's), and went for it.  With the hard work of my brother and some of his friends, (Dad and I were in Idaho on a hunting trip - thanks Phil), we re-opened the doors under new ownership around November 2001 and have never looked back since.  It is definitely a privilege and honor to serve the cycling community throughout Columbia County and beyond.  We just hope that we to can pass on a little bit of what drew us into the cycling industry to each and every one that passes through these doors.  Thank you for your continuing support and may the bicycle God's shine on you.  Sincerely, the Barlow Family, (Clyde, Shirley, Paul, Phil, Jordan & Jared).